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Babe to Breast

 the early days & weeks

 This class is presented at Born With An Angell Midwifery Care and will give you the most important knowledge to thrive in the earliest and often the most challenging days. Participants will gain knowledge on establishing a strong foundation from the start and how to navigate common issues that can easily derail the breastfeeding experience. We will provide dolls for demonstration and practice as well as review ways for partners and family to support and participate in the breastfeeding relationship.  Partners are strongly encouraged to attend. Class runs between 90-120 minutes, offered once a month. 2024 classes will be held in person on Sundays. There is currently no virtual option.



Private Soiree

private lactation  education

This 90 minute class is intended to meet the needs of a family in bloom. Material will cover infant feeding and lactation expectations. By the end of our soiree, you will have gained valuable knowledge and tools to use as you settle into your new rhythm and blossom. This class is ideal for those wishing to minimize gatherings outside of their household, those on bed rest, those with limited flexibility in their schedule, or those who simply value the intimacy of private instruction.  A family may invite up to 2 guests to participate at no extra charge.


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