I love connecting and collaborating with other perinatal professionals. It is always beneficial to build relationships within the community so we can best serve our families by sharing resources and referrals. Please reach out using the contact form below if you are interested in meeting, or if you would like to utilize my Perinatal Professionals Services.

Breastfeeding Class for clients/patients.

Increase the value of your doula or midwifery package by including a 2.5 hour breastfeeding class! You provide the space and invite as many guests as can safely and comfortably fit. You can charge guests the fee of your choice or include it in your package fee. You are welcome to collaborate with others to hire me as a group and share the cost. The space should be indoors in an environment that accommodates the use of a projector (dim light/ window coverings) and may be an office or a private residence. If you do not have a space to host your class I may be able to secure one for an additional cost (about $135 in addition to instructor's fee). To ensure the date that best suits your needs please contact me at least 3 weeks in advance. Class description can be found under the Services tab.



Midwife's 1 week follow up with lactation consultation.

Free up your schedule by hiring me (as an RN, IBCLC) to provide a home visit to your patients, where I will assess their postpartum health, document in your system or provide a report, and perform a complete lactation consultation. I carry equipment to obtain standard vital signs and infant weight and ensure that breastfeeding gets off to the best start possible. 

Please inquire for fee


Supporting Clients Through Lactation Class

Expand your knowledge of lactation and breastfeeding through this 4 hour in depth discussion driven class. We will explore how to offer appropriate support within your scope and how to recognize when a referral to an IBCLC is indicated. In this class, you will get familiar with basic breastfeeding anatomy and physiology and examine lactation issues and how you can support a family as they navigate them. This class meets the requirements for DONA certification. Snacks will be provided.

Doulas are welcome to book as a group of up to 10 to share the cost.


$750 when I provide the space

$550 when you provide the space