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Why Hire A Nurse?

Simply put, hiring a registered nurse offers a level of care that comes with peace of mind. Nursing has been named the most trusted profession year after year. The California Board of Registered Nursing requires finger printing, thorough background checks, and continued education with license renewal every 2 years. Our credentials are easily verified instantly online, and may provide confidence that your baby and family are safely cared for. Additionally, when hired as  a registered nurse my care offers a broader scope of practice than a doula or NCS (Newborn Care Specialist)*. A nurse can do things like assess the mother or baby and recognize signs and symptoms that should be reported to a provider, provide a nursing diagnosis and create a plan, implement the needed interventions and evaluate the outcome. This is called the nursing process. As a registered nurse I can serve families in this way, along with the traditional care offered by a doula or NCS.

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