Frequently Asked

Q: What is a lactation consultation?

A: A Lactation Consult is a clinical appointment to identify lactation challenges, needs and goals for the dyad. I will take a medical history, examine your breasts, perform focused assessments on you and your baby, observe a feeding, measure your baby's weight before and after feeding to determine milk transfer. I document my findings and work with you to design a plan of care that works for your individual needs.

Q: What happened to self scheduling?

A: In an effort to increase efficiency, benefiting myself and the families I serve, I have decided to coordinate my own schedule. I will review requests each week and plan my route to minimize travel time and fit as many families in to each available day as I can. This will result in more access to support for the community. 

Q: What if I need more emotional guidance than a 90 minute consult?

A: An extended support visit may be added on to a Lactation Consultation at the time of booking. This addition allows the extra time needed to walk you through more complex physical or emotional challenges that may be disrupting your experience. With your permission, I may climb into bed next to you as we make adjustments to latch, massage the baby, or cry together to release the weight of an intense experience. We may discover a variety of needs ranging from a neck or shoulder massage to a nursing assessment to check your vital signs and postpartum wellbeing. These visits may also include infant care, errands and assistance with outings.

Q: Does my baby have a tongue tie?

A: What a complex question! It is not within the scope of an IBCLC to diagnose oral ties. However I do perform a thorough oral assessment to examine the appearance and most importantly the FUNCTION of the tongue as well as for any other tethered oral tissues that may be inhibiting a deep and effective latch. When the tongue's range of motion is in question, I prefer to exhaust the non-invasive interventions like chiropractic care or manual therapies, before referring to a release provider when possible. 

Q: Will I need more than one visit?

A: I usually see my lactation consult clients at least twice. This way we can design a plan and then evaluate it's success and make any needed adjustments at a follow up visit. Some families refer to continue visits throughout the first year to make sure things stay on track and to navigate changing in habits and behaviors.

Q: I have a very limited budget but I know I need support. What do I do now?

A: Let's connect! Send me a message so I can learn about your specific situation and needs. We may be able to set up a payment plan or customize care in a way that works for everyone! 

Q: What about vaccination status?

A: I currently serve families regardless of their vaccination status. My relevant vaccine status is as follows:

TDaP  2020, COVID & FLU  2021