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Frequently Asked

Q: What is a lactation consultation?

A: A Lactation Consult is a clinical appointment to identify lactation challenges, needs and goals for the dyad. I will take a medical history, examine your breasts, perform focused assessments on you and your baby, observe a feeding, measure your baby's weight before and after feeding to determine milk transfer. I document my findings and work with you to design a plan of care that works for your individual needs.

Q: Does my baby have a tongue tie?

A: What a complex question! It is not within the scope of an IBCLC to diagnose oral ties. However I do perform a thorough oral assessment to examine the appearance and most importantly the FUNCTION of the tongue as well as for any other tethered oral tissues that may be inhibiting a deep and effective latch. When the tongue's range of motion is in question, I prefer to exhaust the non-invasive interventions like chiropractic care or manual therapies, before referring to a release provider when possible. 

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