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Postpartum Follow Up

In  Collaboration With Your Midwife

Your midwife has invited me to provide my support as a registered nurse and IBCLC by performing her 1 week postpartum follow up home visit.


I will discuss your birth and recovery and assess the wellbeing of you and your newly earth-side babe. I will do a weighted feed and offer gentle guidance with any lactation goals you may have. The information collected will be documented in your midwife's charting system.


 This visit should take place between 5-9 days postpartum. Please use the contact form below to request an appointment.

Before Your Visit

Please Do

  • Complete intake questionnaire that will be emailed to you. 

  • Avoid feeding baby the hour before our visit as best you can (short "snack" feeds if baby is very hungry).

  • Be prepared to nurse your baby as usual with me present.

  • For home visits, provide any special instructions (street sweeping, parking restrictions, gate, code, etc.)

  • Consider the nature of my services and be mindful that I may request to arrive earlier than scheduled or I may run behind due to unforeseen circumstances like traffic, patient emergency etc..

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