Guidance & Support

slow weight gain

reassurance of feeding effectiveness

navigating jaundice

sore, cracked nipples

painful breastfeeding

low milk supply

oversupply of milk


difficulty with latch

screening for oral ties 

supplementing with breastmilk or formula


If your need is not listed please contact me.


The Lactation Network

Approved Visits:

No Cost




Initial Home Visit

(90 minutes)


Follow Up Home Visit

(60 minutes)


3 Hour Extended Visit


4 Hour Extended Visit


Before Your Visit

Please Do

  • Complete intake questionnaire that will be emailed to you. I cannot examine you without a signed consent and answering the questions during the visit will reduce the time we have to work on solutions.

  • Avoid feeding baby the hour before our visit as best you can (short "snack" feeds if baby is very hungry).

  • Compile a list of your questions.

  • Ensure a flat hard surface is available to place my scale (table or counter at least 20"x26")

  • Be prepared to nurse your baby as usual with me present.

  • Provide any special instructions (street sweeping, parking restrictions, gate, code, etc.)

  • Consider the nature of in-home services and be mindful that I may request to arrive earlier than scheduled or I may run behind due to unforeseen circumstances like traffic, patient emergency etc..

Please Don't

  • Worry about cleaning your house, I'm focused on you and your baby.

  • Hesitate to share your feelings about how things are going, your comfort level with my support, and your safety and/or mental health.

What to expect with Latch Amoré

  • I will arrive wearing smart casual attire and use hand sanitizer immediately prior to entering your home, and as needed during the visit.

  • I will allow you to guide me to where you are most comfortable in the home. I appreciate the availability of a chair/seat though I often find myself most comfortable on the floor.

  • I typically prefer to discuss history and current issues first, then I will assess your baby. I will weigh them naked, but diapered, followed by using my gloved hands to perform an oral exam. This does not hurt the baby, however the experience does feel invasive and they may cry. Seeing their cry is actually useful information as well.

  • As a part of my assessment, I will take pictures of certain observations (tongue, lips, face, nipple damage, anomalies etc.)

  • I will manually examine your breasts and then observe you feeding your baby the way you typically do. 

  • I will offer suggestions to improve comfort and/or efficiency and sometimes assist with my hands as needed.

  • I will weigh your baby after each breast to determine exactly how much milk was transferred from breast to babe.

Young Family
  • Throughout the visit we can discuss any questions or concerns you may have.

  • I will be documenting findings throughout our visit, and create a care plan addressing your specific needs.

  • We will review suggested interventions and ensure your comfort and confidence in the plan.

  • We will schedule needed follow ups and discuss referrals as applicable.

  • Home visits run about 60 to 90 minutes but with an extended visit we will have significantly more time to work through deeper emotional struggles and higher acuity challenges surrounding breastfeeding.